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How To Clean AirPods

How to Clean AirPods

How to clean AirPods in easy steps. If you use your AirPods regularly, it is important to ensure that the device is not clogged with hair, dust, or any other material. That could adversely affect how well they work.

The device uses two filters that need to be regularly maintained. So that your AirPods continue to work as well as they were designed to do. This article covers how to clean the filters in the most simple way possible.

Start by turning on the device and taking out the batteries.

When you have done that, take out the earphones. Next, you need to disconnect the charging cable from the battery. You can safely do that by sliding the cord away from the AirPods itself.

Using a soft cloth

Now that the AirPods have been detached, you can pull off the earbuds from their earbuds using the soft cloth you have previously covered. It would help if you then took off the clasps and earbuds. Follow this up by removing the filter assembly on the inside of the earbuds.

As previously, use a soft clean, dry cloth to clean the inside of the earbuds gently. AirPods are completely different species of earphones altogether. And following this step, if you own an original pair, this step will come in very handy.

Cleaning inside

Now that you have removed all of the external dirt and debris. It is time to start cleaning the inside of your airport. If the grime you just removed is a solid black color, then you can assume that it is simply wax. In this case, all you have to do is dip a small cotton ball in some rubbing alcohol. And gently rub away any wax that accumulates on the inner surface of your headphones.

To clean the inside of your airport, you will also need to ensure that you wipe down the rubber surround and the inside casing. To do so, dip your hand in rubbing alcohol and move the cotton ball over the rubber on the outer surface of the airport, where it meets the casing.

Clean the inside

To do this, lay a lint-free, cotton cloth on the bottom of your airport and gently wipe away any excess wax with the cloth. It is important to remember that you should never clean the ear tips or ports at your airport as they will irreversibly damage the ear tips or the port itself.

If the ear tips or ports come into contact with water or any liquid for even a short time. It could cause the ear tips to break, which would be an extremely inconvenient circumstance.

Debris from inside the shell

After cleaning the outer shell of your airport, you will next want to remove any debris from inside the shell. To do this, lay a small towel or some paper towels on the bottom of your charging cable. Carefully wipe away any hair, dust, or other items that may have gathered on the charging cables.

After you have completely removed the unwanted objects, you must remember to dry the outer shell of your airport properly. Either charging them up to room temperature or placing them in an airing cupboard.

Remove the two clamps on each side of the speaker mesh.

Then, take a spray bottle and fill it halfway up with rubbing alcohol. Use the brush attachment of your spray bottle to apply a generous coating of rubbing alcohol to both sides of the speaker mesh.

Leave the alcohol-saturated cloth to soak the cloth and then shake off the excess alcohol. After leaving the alcohol-soaked cloth on the mesh for at least thirty minutes, you can then carefully cleanse the mesh with a cotton towel.

Rubbing alcohol.

Once the silicone tips are saturated with the rubbing alcohol, you need to scrub them gently. You can use a toothbrush to remove any excess residue that may remain.

Be sure to wipe down both the silicone tips and the exterior of the airport charging case to ensure there is no residue left. After completing this step, you will want to thoroughly rinse the silicone tips with clean water to ensure no residual alcohol is left.