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How to Hang Outdoor String Lights

Hang Outdoor String Lights

Are you interested in learning how to hang outdoor string lights in Easy steps? Then here are a few tips to help you through the process. It is not a difficult project, but there are some things you will need to do to make it a success.

Once you know how to hang outdoor string lights in Easy steps, you can start putting them up anywhere. There is no limit to the things that you can do with outdoor string lighting.

Hanging Outdoor String Lights

Decide where you want to put your outdoor extension cord and lights. Layout the outdoor extension cord in the yard to see how it will look when hung from the hooks in the yard.

Cut the three-foot lengths of wire light suspension kit and twist the ends together to form a loop.

Cup Hooks:

Using one or two long, clear cup hooks to hang string lights from a porch or patio. You can use screw hooks, too, but the wire styles are easier to work with.

Attach each hook to the wire clamps already attached to the porch posts. If the clamps are not already on the post, drill them and screw them on.

Wall Anchors:

If your lights stay in place on a bare wall, you will need wall anchors to keep the lights in place. This is not necessary if you will use stake-mounted lights, which means you can hang the lights on the wall at any angle.

If your lights are mounted on a pole, you will have to install wall anchors. The good news is that It will just use most wall anchors for one or two light strings. So plan on installing more than one anchor if your string lights are more than two feet long.

Hang Outdoor String Lights Without Trees:

You can hang string lights on any wall, patio, or deck. However, there are a few tricks you need to know to make sure the lights don’t fall if there are trees around.

First, remember that string lights are heavier than solar lights. If the string is hung without trees around, the chances of it falling are greatly increased. With some lights, you can install them into the ground, press the bottom into the soil. 

And then put the top into the tree to hang. This is especially good if you have really large patio lights.

Make Your Yard Safe:

Since string lighting is a little more delicate than solar ones, your outdoor living area needs to be a little more secure. If your garden has steps leading up to your front door, make sure you place the steps with the string in the same direction as they lead to your door.

Also, if you have overhanging plants or bushes, place the string a few steps away from those steps, or take away those steps entirely.

Install the Strand:

You might need to use some screw hook to hang them onto the porch or deck as you install the strands. Use a pair of common cable connectors to connect the ends of the strand.

After placing the cable connectors on each end, screw the screws into the wooden step posts. Then you can attach the screw hooks to the string.

Put Up the Cup Hooks:

You need a simple platform to hang string lights using a porch or deck. To do this, stand on the porch and step down onto the platform. Then, connect the ends of the cable strands to the cup hooks at the bottom of the platform.

The best way to hang a porch light is from the inside, so the cable does not shine directly on people standing below. You should also ensure that the cable does not snag on the porch when it is being tugged.